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  * January - Betsy McCall (Features New Years Poem and patterns to make clothing for Betsy and her 8 Betsy McCall doll. Shows five tiny Betsy dolls. Pattern 2300 for both 8 and 14 sizes) * February - Betsy McCall (Valentine Poem with 4 dresses) * March - Betsy McCall Writes Grandma a Letter (Easter)




  * April - Betsy McCall Makes a Rainy-Day Surprise! * May - Betsy McCall Flies a Kite (extra cute dresses) * June - Betsy McCall Goes to West Point




  * July - Betsy McCall Visits the White House * August - Betsy McCall Goes to a Dolls' Fashion Show (pictures show the 8" Betsy McCall Doll with tiny jointed knees) * August - Needlecraft Betsy McCall Doll Clothes Pattern Ad
    * September - Betsy McCall Visits the United Nations * October - Betsy McCall Goes to Ding Dong School * November - Betsy McCall Visits Roy Rogers' Ranch (with red-headed Cousin Sandy. Paper doll on which the 1999, New Mexico, Betsy Olé convention dolls were based, a limited edition of 200. Only they were Betsy and her companion doll Jimmy Weeks)
    * December - Betsy McCall's Scrambled Christmas List (no paper doll, but game you can cut out and match showing some of the Betsy McCall products to buy for Christmas 1959. This list includes 2 cute 8" Betsy McCall dolls and the "At the Ranch" set for the 8" Betsy with the cowgirl outfit.) * December - Ad for 36" doll (Opposite page shows BetsyMcCall's Scrambled Doll List)  
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