jeudi 6 février 1930

Bleuette en Arabe

Arabian Costume

Original French Pattern



Model: Alaina

Maman: Donna N

Seamstress: Donna N

Photo belongs to Donna N

Note: The pants pattern looks upside down. The narrow part goes at the foot. The sides are mislabeled, so that the part that says center front, is actually the side seam and vice versa. Also- I found that it worked better to put the high angle at the top on the outside, not the middle. And it needs to be made a bit longer. Add the length at the top or mid pattern, not at the bottom. Basically- remake the pants pattern-ggg.

Agne also suggested using the 1933 bathing suit pattern for the undersuit. I used a shirting that has a bit of stretch to it, but still cut a slit in the back for easier on and off. If you used a knit you wouldn't have to do that.

Model: Jenny

Maman: Missie Mouse

Seamstress: Missie Mouse

Photo belongs to Missie Mouse

Note: Hat: 1931 #11

Outfit: 1930 #6

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